A Little About the Rockin Bar-B Ranch:

The hilltop and rolling pastures that make up the 113 acre farm provide a picturesque setting for "the girls", a herd of black Angus cows. The girls run with a black Corriente bull "El Toro". The farm is all natural - no store bought sprays are used to control weeds. Accordingly, it looks like a park bordered by hard woods. The trees provide shade for the herd in summer. The animals are wormed naturally with diatomaceous earth and lick a sulfur salt block to control insects. The farm has two farm cats, Ammo (AKA Lankey) and Cammo. A German Shepherd Dog Toni and a horse named "General" and five laying hens.

Farmer Bobbi, that's me, is quite happy to entertain farm tours and talk all about grass-fed beef and the beef cuts, delivery and expectations of buying a whole, half or quarter side of beef. For those that wish to purchase humanely raised animals this is the place . If you want to know a local farmer I am available to answer your questions and provide you with the type of beef and cuts you wish to enjoy at your table. In addition, the knowledge you gain about the beef your eating can be passed along to your friends and family over a meal.

Rockin-Bar-B-Ranch is was established in 2014, by owner Bobbi Smith. Though it is not a large Ranch it is growing and specializes in providing grass fed Angus beef direct to the consumer. Rockin-Bar-B strives to be sl organic as possible. The consumer has the options of buying a whole, half or quarter cow which vary in weight and choosing from two options of how they would like thier cuts of meat. 

Rockin-Bar-B in the near future will be offering Glamping packages and other packages such as Ranch life for a day, weekend or week. There is a a five acre lake and several ponds which have bass and perch in then as well as a variety of frogs.  It is a nature lovers paridise with many different varieties of wildlife for viewing as well as beautifal natural floral.​ Bookings will be coming in the near future.