• Bobbi Smith

Farm Tour

What a blast, sharing the farm experience with a couple that appreciates nature, the cows and the small farm lifestyle. A warm Spring day though very windy provided for easy movement about the farm via ATV. Helpful hands wrangled a large uncooperative honey locust tree branch down the hill to be piled onto the wood pile for burning on a less windy day. A constant battle exists on the farm to remove honey locust. The very sharp thorns puncture tires and animal feet alike. Honey locusts start out as a bush, grow into a tree which produces long tasty legume bean pods. Cows find the pods to be delicious and they become the vehicle of dispersal throughout the pasture. The a planting package is complete with cow paddy fertilizer for optimal planting throughout the pasture, creating a continues supply of the long thorny bushes. Hard to beat the design of nature!


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