• Bobbi Smith

A Farmer's Market Favorite: Rockin Bar B Mandel Brot

What is Mandel Broht? Well, it’s not the fractal set of beautiful images created by the French Mathematician. This is the more edible version of beautiful passed down by my mother, Gloria Edinger Smith. It a German dessert that means Almond Bread. The easiest way to describe it is the German version of Italian Biscotti.

I would image many of you like to bake as I do. It puts you “in the moment”!

Many a time I have found solace in grabbing the mixing bowl, turning on the oven and whipping up a batch of bake goods. I can call it baking therapy, as I am not prone to have a sweet tooth but thankful my friends and neighbors do.

I like the subtle European style of desserts that is not sugar laden. Mandel Broht fits the bill, plus it is quick, inexpensive and can be made in the toaster oven so as not to heat up the whole house.


3 cups flour

1 cup sugar

3 eggs preferably farm fresh

2 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tablespoon almond extract or substitute vanilla in a pinch

Zest of lemon or orange if desired

Place the above ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend, if a little dry add a capful of vegetable oil to the mix, but you want the consistency firm not too running; otherwise, the loaves will spread out in the sheet too wide

Roast almonds in an iron skillet with butter or what you have available making sure not to burn so stir frequently and keep mindful

Then place roast almonds into mix and stir until distributed equally

Divide the contents into two of three loaves and place in a liberally oiled baking sheet

Place in oven at 350 C for 30-35 minutes and test with a tooth pick. Tooth pick should insert into loaf and come out clean

I serve as a whole loaf since I like the softer texture when not toasted; however, the loaf can be cut at a diagonal to make half crescent shaped cookies that can be toasted for a few minutes for dunking in coffee. Use a sharp knife and saw rather than cut, as the loaf is prone to crumble.

A subtle, sophisticated dessert that your guests will enjoy over good conversation


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