• Bobbi Smith

Brisket stuffed Jalapenos

I have been stuffing jalapenos on my grill for several years now! But I was delighted when I saw an amazing twist, “Where heat meets meat”. What kind of meat you ask, of course the king of Texas barbeque meats-Brisket.

The term “Texas Twinkie” coined by Hutchins BBQ Restaurant brought this appetizer to popularity.

It’s a dressed up cream cheese stuffed grilled jalapeno that is ready for the waltz. In addition to the cream cheese filling a large seed jalapeno is stuffed with finely chopped brisket, and wrapped in blanket of bacon. After a 30min. visit in a 200 F oven, the final touch is a coating of sweet honey barbeque sauce.

The step by step:

Find some large jalapenos and slice them longitudinally (longways), take out the seeds and leave the stem for a handle.

Pre-grill the jalapenos to soften them up

Take the split jalapeno in hand add a dollop of cream cheese and spread

along the inside of the pepper

Stuff the pepper with brisket and wrap bacon strip around pepper and secure with wooden tooth pick

Place on baking sheet and pop into oven or on the grill at a low temperature until tender and bacon appears cooked

Pull from heat and coated lightly with barbeque sauce of your liking


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