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Beef and Potatoes wrapped up in a blanket


For the meat and potato lovers try this simple appetizer or make a meal of it!

Take several medium to small-medium sized baking potatoes

Wash the skins thoroughly in warm water

Core potato lengthwise with a large diameter apple corer

Stuff with cheese, chopped jalapenos and meat (deli meat, chopped brisket or any meat of your choosing).

Wrap potato with bacon round-wise, add a little shake of pepper and roll in tin foil.

Place on the grill of hot coals for 30-40 minutes or until fork punches potato easily and comes out cleanly

I know its really aluminum foil, but my mom who was raised in the Depression called it tin foil. She would save it up as a child and sell it to the scrap man! Yes, recycling existed in the 1930's too!

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