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The Fifth Taste: Umami

No this is not a new Sushi al la carte item! It is the most recently recognized taste of the palate located in the middle of the tongue. So how do you say it?- Japanese 101: oo MOM ee.

The first four distinct tastes we learned in school were sweet, sour, salty and bitter! So you are now asking what is the umami taste? It is the the distinct beefy, savory and meaty taste found in beef and meat in general. Now that you have read this you might have started salivating over the taste sensation, as it is know to elicit this response. You are in good company!

So how is this taste sensation relevant, other than for foodie conversation? Well, the items that pair the best are aged cheeses (blue cheese and steak), bacon (bacon wrapped beef), red wine, soy sauce and Worcestershire. Items that complement are onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. For the Keto crowd, foods high in umami add to satiety! So next time you wish to complement your dishes, think about the synergy of the tastes!

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