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What's for Dinner, Ma?

Look under your feet son, green, green grass!

This is what my cows say to their calves on the RockinBarB Ranch.

My viewpoint is from the farm and from the heart! My name is Bobbi and I am a cow/calf producer. I offer grass finished beef from my farm directly, no labels just my word, the opportunity for you to visit the farm in Northeast Texas and see for yourself. If you don't live in my part of the world, please make a field trip to a local cattle rancher field, by invite of course, and you will not care about the label (natural, grass-fed, organic etc.).

In fact, if you buy from me, your label will most likely read "not for retail sale" because it is a private sale direct to you and processed at a custom meat shop. You choose the cuts for you live animal/bulk purchase and save money. You will see the the exact cow you buy! That is simple.... without the mind twister...what does this label mean thing?

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